Sunday, March 20, 2016

Random fun pics from February

I started this post weeks ago and just can't seem to prioritize blogging even though it's something I really like to do.  Aaahhh.  I have more posts in mind so we'll see if I can get to them in the next couple of weeks!  But here are some cute pics to tide you over!

brushing his hair with the little broom!

probably the last hurrah for two in the swing!

had to try it with Isaiah too!

helping Mommy build with magnatiles at Discovery Space

just takin' the dog for a walk =)

taking my picture

silly kids

i love this outfit on her!

showing off her belly tattoo from her Valentines package

our little heartbreaker with his valentine's day breakfast
heartbreaker indeed

love that smile!

happy boy

Ellie was more than a little excited to have her friend's Sky costume on

excited Avery!

"look at my full belly!"

vacuuming the deck of course