Sunday, September 25, 2016

Seattle Wedding Fun!

We are back in Seattle this weekend for our dear friends' wedding.  It's a great opportunity for us to come back and see all our friends!  And everyone had a part in the wedding so that was fun too.  The kiddos were part of a "kiddos parade" and all three were very excited to wear their "wedding dresses."  (Isaiah was not having the idea of wearing a bow tie and vest when his sisters were getting fancy dresses and sunflower crowns.)  Michelle was a bridesmaid and I did a reading so it was a full family affair!

It was fun to meet a few family members and friends who said "we feel like we know your kids because we read your blog."  It was good inspiration for me to try to get a couple of blog posts up after a long hiatus!

Anyway, here are some highlight pics from the wedding!

picture with the bride!

 sidewalk chalk and other activities for the kids was a brilliant plan!

only family pic!  the sunset decided to cooperate at the last minute!
 Of course, being near the water led to the inevitable dipping their toes in...which led to...
the greatest series of photos ever! =)  (can't wait to see if the official wedding photographer got any good shots of this!)

and then, of course, someone had to dive in the sand!

 which then led to this....

 then it was time for dancing...

and someone was sad that he didn't have his dress for dancing...

so Mommy improvised =)

Florida kids!

Well it has been a LONG time since I updated the blog.  We have been busy busy getting settled in Tallahassee.  We have checked out a bunch of parks and done a ton of projects at home.  It feels like a bunch of projects remain to be done, but it's getting there!   Here are a bunch of pics of our little Floridians.  This weekend we are in Seattle for a wedding and I asked Avery if she wanted to live here and she said "no, it's too chilly!"  And none of them want to wear shoes here!  Anyway, here are some pics from our first couple of months in Florida!

painting helpers =) (we were wallpapering over this wall!)

Ellie enjoying a fresh spring

Mommy & kiddos on an IKEA trip

open farm visit day

Avery LOVED holding the kittens

riding the horsey tire swing

painting polka dots in their room

bike ride to a state park a couple miles from us

spontaneous triplet love

sibling snuggle time

fun in his "tree house" at Food truck Thursday

watching the ducks at Lake Ella

family coffee treat at Lucky Goat

baby wearing in the playroom

nice outfit!

race car drivers in the riveway

AJ Henry park

painting bookshelves for their room

spinning fun at Railroad square park

splash pad fun at Railroad Square

soaking wet and happy girl

trying to get me all wet

splashpad rainbow

maclay garden

silly girl
All in all we are settling in well and enjoying our house and a lot of things about Tallahassee.   We haven't made too maby friends yet but hopefully we will start building a community over the next few months.  It's great to be heading into October knowing that we are coming into the best part of the year instead of dreading winter!