Sunday, June 28, 2015

Water loving kiddos!

 These babies LOVE the water!  They love our summer pool time and any chance they get to be in or around water!
Happy boy!
happy girl!

cups are apparently the best pool toy!
family pic at the pool
(Isaiah was obviously not thrilled! But Avery gave a good cheesy smile!)
And then Ellie...
they also love to eat at the pool!  We do a LOT of picnics at the pool.
So much so that we get to the pool & Avery says "eat" within five minutes of getting there.
It's hard to get very many pics and videos at the pool because it takes our full attention most of the time to keep them safe.  The other day Ellie was cold and wanted out so she & Michelle took these videos of Avery & Isaiah taking turns swimming underwater to me.

Yesterday we took them to the park near us where there is a little stream.  We didn't have our act together for dinner so we got Thai takeout.  They of course HAD to get in the water so we stripped them down and let them go to town.  They used the takeout containers and had a blast.  They were having so much fun and it was hard to make them leave to head home for bedtime!
Takeout containers & water bottles...
3 of the cutest little nakey-bums around!
panning for gold with Thai takeout containers??
"ooooooo" that water is cold!
soooo happy
Avery dumping freezing cold water on her belly!
how cute is this girl?!
Such a natural cheeseball even when we're not asking her to cheese!
scooping & dumping water over and over and over
Having fun dumping water on Mommy's feet!

Michelle and I love that our kiddos love the water so much! Whenever they get cranky water usually does the trick!

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