Monday, July 6, 2015

On the go in Chicago!

Whew!  We are home and although our house is a wreck, the laundry is piled in baskets, and our cars are both a mess, but Michelle and I are sitting on the couch watching a show on Netflix and doing some little computer jobs and blogging because we just need to decompress a bit.

We had a great trip to Chicago and the kiddos had a wonderful time with their grandparents and aunts and uncles!  On Thursday the kiddos got to go to the park while I took Humphrey to the vet =( Oh yeah, did I mention we had to bring Humphrey with us?  Not part of the plan, but he bounded into the woods last week after a rabbit and impaled his foot on a stick!  Ew!  And it was not getting better so we couldn't leave him with our dogsitter so he made the trip with us.  I had to take him to the vet and they had to put a drain in his foot that I have to flush 3x/day. Ouch and yuck all around! (and bye bye $$$!!!)  But at least the kiddos had fun!
park fun with Grandma, Mama, Tracy & friends
"cheese" while taking a break from soccer in the yard
On Friday morning we had pictures taken with Michelle's side of the family. Here are some shots that Matt's girlfriend and I took while during the shoot.  A couple of the preview shots are up on Facebook but I'll post the highlights here when we get them in about a week!
family pic on the bridge
walking on the bridge rail!
gimme more grapes!!!
grape? what grape?
fun with their aunties & uncle
going for a walk with Tracy

We went to the pool in Grandma's neighborhood a couple times too!
sitting next to Grandma & kicking kicking kicking
dumping water on herself =)
 Isaiah is so proud of himself!

And had fun at the family BBQ for Matt's birthday
playing "bags" (AKA cornhole) 
putting bags in the hole is fun!
what is this face?!
They had fun climbing on the targets too!
Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market with Jess & Grandma & then to a park where we happened upon the start & finish of a neighborhood bike parade.  The kiddos got to check out the police car!
the loved this cool roller slide! 
driving the police car!
In the afternoon we walked up to Ribfest to check out all the festivities.  Big thanks to neighbor Ray for dropping off some free tickets!  The kiddos had a blast at the petting zoo, enjoyed a little time in a bouncy house, and gobbled up a pulled pork sandwich and danced to the music.
Kaitlyn was Ellie's BFF for RibFest!  She wasn't even a little bit
scared at the petting zoo (unlike the other two!)
petting the soft baby cow with Mama's help
Petting the sheep (AKA baba) after she warmed up a bit
Can you tell she is a little excited to be petting the bunny!
climbing up to a bouncy house slide
They didn't want to get off the giant bouncy Meijer chair
don't get any big ideas kiddos!
cute!  enjoying some special festival lemonade
(and other festival treats!)
nice shades dude!
chillin' on Mama's back
Isaiah doesn't look nearly as happy as Mama & Jess! He was
probably too tired from dancing to the music!
Yesterday's drive home was kind of a train wreck, but it wasn't totally the babies' fault.  Michelle and I were both tired from the fun, but busy visit and we were just exhausted and couldn't get in the groove with driving. And on top of that the babies were off and they weren't falling asleep at the same time.  So someone was often sleeping while someone else was awake, meaning we had no "downtime" on the drive until 10pm and also didn't want to risk stopping for a drink or pee break because then whoever was sleeping was likely to wake up!  We did have a fun extended lunch break though!  Our friends were at a lakehouse in Michigan and it was only about 20min out of our way to swing by there for lunch so we did that and then ended up staying longer than we planned.  But how could we pass up the chance for the kiddos to take their first boat ride?!
Helping Garren drive the boat!  The captain's seat was popular!
Ellie LOVED getting to beep the horn!
Avery & her new BFF Hunter looking out the front of the boat
feeling the wind in their hair =)
Isaiah's turn to drive!
can you tell it was past naptime?!
We finally made it home around 1 a.m. last night and are all feeling it today!  Wish Michelle & I had gotten to take a 3 hour nap like the kids!  All in all it as a great we just need a vacation to recover from our vacation! =)  Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July!

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  1. Isaiah doesn't look nearly as happy as Mama & Jess! He was
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