Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our little swimmers

We have been taking these kiddos to the pool since they were itty bitty babies and this summer we have really seen the dividends of all that time in the water. A while ago we learned about Infant Rescue Swimming and thought it was so cool and potentially lifesaving, especially when you have three little ones.  Unfortunately there are no instructors in our area and it is very expensive.  So we watched a couple videos on YouTube and got a few pointers from those on things to try with them in the pool when they were little, but mostly we have just kind of followed our instincts on things we should be doing with them in the pool. We have let them do a lot of experimenting & had to hold ourselves back from rescuing them too soon. Our biggest goal has always been for them to be comfortable in the water & that means both loving being in the water, but also figuring out what their bodies can & can't do in the water..  And man, are they ever comfortable in the water!  And they are constantly trying new things and figuring out what they can do in the water.  It has been soooo fun to watch!

Ellie is the most cautious in the water but even she has her moments where she says "mo mo mo" about swimming underwater with our help.  This past weekend was a breakthrough weekend for both Avery & Isaiah with swimming where they really started swimming on their own underwater.  Yesterday I was able to borrow an underwater camera from a friend and took a ton of short video clips both yesterday and today at the pool.  I am looking forward to seeing them (& Ellie) continue to improve their swimming skills over the next month or so!  A woman at the pool came over yesterday & said "Wow!  They really can swim!  My daughter called me over telling me I had to see the swimming babies!"  Now it's your turn to see the swimming babies!



  1. That's so awesome! I hope our little guys are just as comfortable in the water!


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