Thursday, July 7, 2016

Quick summary of our first day/night in the house in bullets because I don't have Internet at the house yet and kids will be up any second...
1. Get to the house with 3 keys, one on a ring, the others loose. Neighbor comes over to say hi and in the course of that time I lose the 2 loose keys. The key we do have unlocks the top knob but not the doorknob so spend 20 minutes looking for the missing keys, eventually find both and neither is for the knob. After a little wiggling find that one key opens the side door and eventually get in the house.

2. Discover that kids'/guest bathroom toilet is leaking. Try to self diagnose the problem and realize our toilets are wall mounted and leak appears to be coming from the wall mount part. :(

3. Ellie is grumpy/sick/overwhelmed and falls asleep on Denise's lap and takes a 2+hr nap while Isaiah and Avery play. We hold them off on swimming so we can all go together.  Those 2 eventually nap and by the time all three are awake thunderstorms have moved in.

4. We wait out the thunderstorms and finally get everyone in the pool and 5min later Ellie has a coughing fit that makes her puke in the pool. Everyone exits the pool.

5. Bedtime is the usual debacle but all are asleep in their new beds by 9. We follow shortly after.  Avery wakes up screaming at 3:30 and when I go to check on her she is burning up.  Bring her to our bed, get her some ibuprofen, but she keeps squirming and yelling about bugs  crawling all over.  Not sure, but seems like it was probably a fever-induced hallucination.  So I spend the treaty of the night in the living took on the futon with her.

Welcome home Triple(t) Threat! Let's hope things settle down soon!

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