Monday, June 26, 2017


Well, I read a little blurb on writing today.  It recommended that if you're having trouble writing something, you just sit down and write for 20 minutes straight about another topic.  It helps get the writing flow going.  We'll see.  I figured the blog would benefit from this exercise and the triplets are the easiest writing topic for me!

I know everyone always says summer goes by so fast, but this year, it feels like the speed has been multiplied.  Of course we've been enjoying the pool.  Our little swimmers get braver with the pool everyday and are always experimenting with new things.  Ellie's been working on diving down to get dive sticks and other trinkets off the bottom of the pool.  Avery's been working on backstroke and smoother arms in her crawl, and Isaiah does a little bit of everything.  One day, he decided he was going to dive down to the deep end to retrieve a dive stick, and to our surprise, he did it!  He hasn't done it since.  Kids are funny.

As Mari mentioned in a previous post, I've been working a lot and not spending as much time as I'd like with the kids.  I also face a dilemma that I didn't know was a thing until I experienced it, but have since learned that it is the plague of parents who work a traditional schedule.  When the only time you see your kids is in the evening from dinner until bedtime, it's not very fun.  Kids are GRUMPY at this time.  Especially kids this age who sometimes don't take a nap.   Seeing cute pictures of their day and spending daytime with them on the weekends helps me remember that they are pretty great most of the time! :)

I should probably attempt to switch writing gears now, but here's a few pictures of our summer fun, and a video of Avery's backstroke at the end.

Avery experimenting with frisbee, light, & fountain

When you put the frisbee on top, it splashes Mommy!!

Little sword-fighter

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