Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fun with the Stephen family

Still catching up on posting pics from the holidays!  Here are some highlight pics from our time with Michelle's family in Naperville!

Uncle Matt reading a spot book to Isaiah
Apparently Isaiah was good at getting people to read to him! =)
being silly with Auntie Tracy
checking out a new book with Auntie Jess
Auntie Jess modeling the mask she just got the babies for xmas
Jess & Ellie selfie
one of my favorite shots!!
bounce bounce bounce
Auntie Tracy putting on a puppet show at the library
Grandma trying to help Ellie carry all three doggies
(she was very determined!)
going on a walk when we got a little stir crazy
in the house with three sick babies
we took about a zillion pics and didn't manage a single one with
everyone having their eyes open & looking at the camera
(note Isaiah is taking Ellie out in this shot!)

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