Monday, February 2, 2015

SuperBowl Halftime Dance Party

Here's the video you've been waiting for!  =)  They were all dancing at some point, but Ellie was on to something else by the time I got the camera out!  As you can see Isaiah was definitely the most into it and danced right up to the end of the show!  Keep in mind this was all happening more than an hour past bedtime!  Adding some cute pics at the end too of the triplets and their "big kid friends."

they all loved the trampoline!
Isaiah checking out the digger while Spiderman shows
him how it's done on the trampoline!
Avery trying to steal food!
oooh...sparkly balloon! (and the tutu of course!)
Ellie is usually the heaviest...not this time!
they were soooo good & in good spirits til we left right after halftime
but they were definitely sleepy little babies!

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