Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sensational Sensory Play

A brief, but funny story I had to share!  We've been talking about wanting to do more sensory play with the babies now that they are finally starting to move out of the "obsessively putting EVERYTHING in our mouths" phase of life, but hadn't really done much other than a little experimenting with homemade finger paints.  Well Tuesday I came home from work to see this in progress! 

Hope decided to take the plunge to help break the babies out of a post-nap funk!  I only caught the tail end of this sensory extravaganza that started with goop (cornstarch & water) and ended with dry flour.  It was a HUGE mess and we learned some valuable lessons from it like making sure we have enough "hands on deck" for the clean up and to come up with an alternative to doing it in their seats which are not easy to just wipe down and had to be washed, which also meant no seats at the table for dinner that night!  But I'm really glad Hope got this going for them and it was fun to see how much the enjoyed it.  It wasn't only the table, floor, and seats that were a mess of course so as soon as they were done we stripped off their diapers, etc and plopped them straight in the tub.  

I worked on cleaning babies while Hope tackled the dining room.  Bathtime was going well but Isaiah wanted to get out, so I got him in jammies while the girls kept playing.  Then Avery was acting suspicious (like maybe she had to poop) so I got her out & put her on the potty.  Isaiah was being obnoxious about wanting to put his hands in the potty so I was using my legs to block him while still holding Avery.  He started on my left and then moved to the right so when I felt his hands on my thigh I didn't think anything of it.  Then next thing I know Isaiah appears in the tub...with his jammies on!  They have all been thinking about trying to climb in/out of the tub, but the metal lip from the shower doors we took out seems like it has been enough of a deterrent when they are naked.  Apparently that is not the case when clothed!  I just started cracking up laughing and called to Hope to bring the camera to capture the moment!

what's wrong with this picture?!
"what?!?  I decided I wasn't 'all done' bath after all!"

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