Sunday, February 22, 2015

The groundhog was right...

It is definitely still winter here in central PA and I think everyone in the Northeast has a death wish for Punxsatawney Phil right about now.  It has been a long winter and it seems like for the last two months if we aren't getting nailed with snow then it is freezing cold.  Lately the windchill has been below zero most days so we haven't been able to get the babies out to play in the snow.  Today we said "Quick! It's almost 30 degrees and not windy, let's get outside!"  Tomorrow the high is 11 so we had a short window!

For the past couple of weeks our kiddos have been obsessed with a book called The Snowy Day that our good friend Carrie bought them last winter.  They want us to read it over and over and are getting pretty good at filling in parts of the story.  Their favorite part is when the snow goes "plop!" on Peter's head and they will put their hand on their head like snow and say "plop!"  So today when we went outside we talked about that book.  Avery wanted to make snow angels like Peter.  Ellie and I found a stick to "make tracks in the snow" and practiced walking with our toes pointing in & out. Isaiah & Avery were plopping snow on their head.  And we all climbed up the big mountain of snow and slid down.  It was fun to be able to connect their favorite book with activities they could actually do.


"walking with her toes pointing in like this"
making tracks in the snow with a stick
climbing a "great big mountain of snow"
and sliding down


making snow angels
 We also played some Frisbee with Humphrey who enjoyed being outside with all of us today!
"the boys"

LOVE this one!

Avery wanted to throw the Frisbee for Humphrey herself!
Oh yeah, and Avery had a good time teaching "Horace the Gnome" all about snow!  My brother always loved appears Avery has taken on that love. =)




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