Friday, January 23, 2015

I should be doing a million other things

I should be doing ten million other, more productive things right now while the babies are down for their afternoon nap.  There's undoubtedly laundry to do, dinner to prep, work stuff to catch up on, and my house is littered with toys.  But, you know what, today is my birthday so I'm just not going to.  Instead I'm going to take a bit of this precious quiet, well relatively quiet (I still hear a bit of jibber-jabbering  back in their room), to sit down and post some adorable pictures of my babies...errrr toddlers.  You know we've spent over a year now saying "the babies this" and "the babies that..."  I find that 1) I'm not quite ready to not call them my babies and 2) I really don't know what to transition to...aying "the toddlers" or "the triplets" just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?  So for the time being please forgive me for still calling them "the babies."  Michelle put toegether a very sweet little slideshow for me for my birthday using flipagram.  I'll have see if I can post it here somehow.

Here are some particularly cute pics from a couple of weeks ago:

cutest little drool monster
playing with their doggie from Auntie Jess
Ellie has mastered the cheesy smile recently
just playing...
they love to get up on the window sill to wave goodbye
and I must say it's pretty cute to roll down your window to wave
and see these three cuties waving or blowing kisses
smoothies in an open cup experiment...
"Oh hey there Mr. Froggie!"
Upside down Avery!
They love it when one of us lays on the floor &
they'll all come "get us" and crash onto us
and they love to be gotten too of course...
silly little monkeys
sitting on Mr. Bear's lap
another cheeseball smile for the camera
silly Avery in the bath        
Ellie enjoying an orange slice
they are all OBSESSED with oranges, especially the little mandarins/clementines

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  1. Happy birthday Mari! Even when they are 30 and you're much older, you'll still call them at times your babies. Always and forever.
    Aloha, Kate


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