Saturday, May 30, 2015

Professional Shots-19mo

 I've been sitting on these shots for over a week now because I just haven't been able to sit down and upload them!  With all the nice weather we've been having we have just been way too busy running around outside!  We also haven't been getting much good sleep usual.  (Maybe one day I'll actually take time to write about that too!)

Here are some of our favorite shots from the shoot!

a sweet snuggle moment with Ellie
flying with Mama
more snuggle bug time...this time with Grandma
seriously examining his stick
(this boy seriously has the most beautiful lips & lashes!)
checking back in
flying boy!
playing chase!
our little speedster
I caught her!
someone decided that walking around the fence was the boring way!
a cute sibling moment
and another one
I LOVE this one of our little thumbsucker!
 a boy & his boat
hugging a bunny statue
family shot with my mom & dad
spontaneous group hug
family tulip watering
playing in the water
love watching them learn & explore...
and be ridiculous!
Our one attempt at getting all three to sit for a pic...
(note the outfit change post water play!)
In hindsight although I love their black & white outfits I wish we'd had them in
these outfits from the get go because it doesn't wash them out as much.  Oh well!

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