Saturday, May 16, 2015

Testing the waters with potty training

My mom & dad arrived last Wednesday night.  I told them I needed their help with a big project...potty training triplets, round one.  As you know we've been putting these three on the potty since they were six or seven months old and a good friend of ours swears there is a potty training window at 18 months.  Well, we are now 18mo adjusted and with extra hands and eyes on board I figured we might as well give it a go.  We did a version of the 3 day potty training method that another triplet family we know used which basically has the kiddos naked from the waist down and you just catch them in the act and swoop them to the potty and then celebrate like crazy if they even get a little in the potty.  It is harder than you might think to keep your attention focused on these bodily functions even when you are focused on them one on one and not trying to do anything else!  And with three the challenge is certainly magnified!  I'll skip the suspense and just tell you that we are far from being done with diapers around here. =)  Well, Avery is well on her way and basically diaper free except for naps & nighttime now.  Ellie is showing more and more that she isn't too far behind, but I think it'll be a little longer for Isaiah.  We cleaned up quite a bit of pee (and a couple poops), but we also spent a lot of time outside which helped minimize the mess.  In the end, the kids had a few fabulous days of nakey-time and had a great time playing with Grandma Rae & Grandpa Mark. Here are some pics of day one
too chilly in the morning for all out nakedness so we compromised

water table fun with G&G
one gone rouge...likely on a mission to destroy a tulip...

post nap potty & water...
Grandpa was sharing his ice water...once he got wet though Isaiah was done...

Avery kept going back for more even though she kept getting freezing cold
ice water all down her belly!
They were all pretty fascinated with Grandpa's nipples & the fact
that they were always accessible.  Avery decided to see if they worked like
Mommy & Mama's...she was disappointed when she just got a taste of sunscreen! =)
nakey in the swing

Ellie getting a little snuggle time with her baby, who unlike her,
is wearing a diaper!  (Thanks Grandma Stephen!)

A bucket bath to end the day!  Great idea Grandpa!

ya know, just chillin' in a bucket...

"Grandma, this is soooo silly!"

cute little bunny!



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