Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Grange Fair--A true central PA experience

Tonight we took the kiddos to participate in an iconic central Pennsylvania experience--The Grange Fair.  I had never heard of the grange fair, but three years ago, on my very first day of work here, I had to run a booth at the grange fair and my first thought was "Where the heck did we move?!?"  Let me tell you, the culture shock of moving from Seattle to central PA could not have been more intense than it was that day!  So for those of you who are not from central PA let me just tell you a little about the grange fair.  This year was the 141st year of the grange fair and it is one heck of an event.  There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 RVs and 1000 permanent tents at the grange fair and people literally move in for the week, complete with beds, couches, and refrigerators.  It is truly a sight to behold...like a little city just popping up overnight.  It is like 4H on steroids meets a supersized carnival.  Really there are two different carnival companies that set up their rides and an insane amount of artery clogging carnival food.  Our good friends Deirdre and Garren are back in town for the week so we all went to the fair together tonight.  We passed some pretty cute cowboy hats and convinced the girls to try them on.  How cute are these pics?

The kiddos had a blast seeing all the animals!  They liked watching the goats being silly and jumping around in their stalls.  But the highlight of all highlights was getting to see and even pet some horses!  They were so excited to see all the horses and were sad that they couldn't pet every single one.  We even found a horse named Ellie.  Ellie was so cute on the drive home because every time we'd talk about the horse she would chime in with "one named Ellie!"  Of course we had to take a picture of her with Ellie the horse.

On a whim Michelle suggested that we take the kiddos in to tour some of the open RVs that they had for sale and that turned out to be a hit.  The adults were surprised at how nice they were and the kids had a blast trying out all the beds.

Michelle and I have been doing the Whole30 this month as a nutritional reset and we didn't figure there would be a single thing at the fair that was Whole30 compliant so we brought dinner with us.  I'd venture a guess that we were the only people in the sea of probably 5000 eating kale salad for dinner! The kiddos, as usual, also enjoyed mooching food from our friends and had a good time running around being silly in the grass.

As we were leaving we saw a few fire trucks so of course we had to stop and see them.  They were being pretty cute and let us snap a few pics of them all sitting on the fire truck.  Here are the best ones! And while they were being this adorable a couple came up to us and asked if they were triplets, which happens all the time, but they were asking because they are pregnant with triplets and had been dying to see triplets in real life!  So we assured them that it could be done and also that they would be amazed how little sleep they could manage on. =)

the perfect out-past-bedtime shot...

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