Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fun Fall Day!

Today was an especially fun day and we took a bunch of pics so figured I'd throw them in a post! We spent the morning at the arboretum.  I'm really going to miss this place when we move next summer!
they have some great fall decorations!

"up so high Mommy!"

a bowl full of pumpkins!
that pumpkin probably weighs 4x what she does!

walking to the cave

make that running to the cave!

running through this tunnel is a game that never gets old!

on the move!

sooo happy!

such a pretty place to play!

climbing the caterpillar

this is his new lips...
he was very attached to the raccoon & the ram!

"Mommy, help you balance!"


After naptime Michelle had set up a few fun little art projects for them!
sweet potato painting

painting fall leaves with fingers

and thumbs...

And then tonight was trick or treating in State College so we took the kiddos out for a brief test run of trick or treating.


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