Thursday, October 1, 2015

Last day of being one...

Today is our last day with three one year olds! Hard to believe they turn two tomorrow!  Michelle's sister Jess is visiting so we decided to take a quick trip up to the finger lakes in New York and cross one thing off our PA bucket list. This trip ended up being timed perfectly because Michelle defended her comps project on Tuesday and needs a little break before getting started on her dissertation.  We had planned to go over the weekend but there is an apple festival in Ithaca this weekend and we couldn't find a reasonably priced place to stay so we opted to come during the week instead.  We found a great little apartment on airbnb that we have been calling the "vacation house." It's pretty cute to hear the kiddos say vacation house. The kiddos had a pretty rockin' last day as one year olds!

Playing hide and seek this morning
We started our vacation adventures with some apple picking since there aren't any u-pick places in state college anymore.  Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating with our vacation plans and it is pretty chilly; I think the high is 56 degrees.  So the kiddos didn't last too long picking apples because their poor little hands got cold!  The tricky thing about picking apples with toddlers is catching them fast enough after they pick the apple to prevent them from taking a sample bite out of every single apple!

he was very serious about carrying his bag of apples

(I took apples from his bag to make it lighter...tantrum ensued)

after the kids said they were "too cold" Michelle & I did our best to fill a few bags quickly

On our way back to the farm stand we saw the fall raspberries!  These were a much bigger hit than the apples!

After apple & raspberry picking we did a short hike to Taughannock Falls...the kiddos were starting to get a little hangry (aka hungry-angry) despite gorging on berries so we tried to be fairly quick, but we let them walk when they wanted to so it took longer than we planned!  It was a gorgeous and easy hike though!

uh oh...that wasn't the plan!
looking up at the cliffs

After going back to the house for naps (well, for the girls...Isaiah wasn't having it after his nap on the hike) we headed off to a winery for a little adult fun.  That didn't actually turn out to be that fun, because, well, we had three almost two year olds with us.  =)  But after the initial challenges of trying to get through a quick wine tasting while keeping them from destroying anything, we went out on their patio and then down by their pond and that was much better.  The kiddos, especially Isaiah, liked running laps around the pond.  
this lasted for about 2 minutes...note the grumpy gus in stripes...
(also note no other pictures til the pond because they were being such turkeys)

love this one!

running laps
girls in polka dots

Despite the less-than-ideal weather, we ended up having a pretty great day to celebrate their last day of their second year of life.  I just re-read all the blog posts from this day two years ago, from first heading to the local hospital through the end of the day, and the tension is somehow still palpable despite the fact that I now have the luxury of knowing that everything is fine and that we are soooooo incredibly fortunate to have three healthy, active, and gorgeous kiddos.  Tomorrow morning we will wake up the mothers of three two-year-olds...#terrifictriplettwos here we come! (A fellow triplet mama coined that hashtag and I'm a big fan so you might see that popping up on our instagram photos a lot this year!

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  1. Great pictures of a terrific family! Congratulations to all!


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