Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Uterus in revolt. Hospital trip #2

Here we go again. Michelle was feeling crampy again last night so we called this morning. We were hoping to just get into the local OB for a quick check but no dice. They sent us to Mt Nittany, the local hospital, to get checked by one of our local docs who was working there.  Unfortunately that meant getting hooked up to all the monitors again.  And she is indeed having regular, and sometimes painful contractions just like a few weeks ago. So she's on IV fluids (took three tries to get that in today. Ugh. ) and procardia to try to stop the contractions again. If they don't stop we'll be sent down to Danville; if they do, hopefully home. She's been on the meds for 30min and the contractions do seem to be settling so that's good. Her cervix hasn't progressed from last hospital admission and that is good too.  

Michelle continues to be a trooper though she is already sick of being hooked up to all the doodads because it limits her ability to shift positions to get more comfortable. And because she has the IV I think they will make her go to Danville via ambulance if that is the next step. We might try to fight them on that though since she's just getting fluids and there isn't any big rush, but we'll see I guess. The doctor was in surgery but should be coming back up again soon.

Will post more when we know more...


  1. Sending restful and non-contractiony thoughts.


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