Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fake it til you make it

Thursday night was a rockstar baby sleeping night that followed a kind of fussy evening. Thursday night the babies went over three hours between feedings, which combined with quick feedings meant Michelle and I got 2 hours of continuous sleep two or three times that night. 

Last night was a different story. Isaiah just had a really hard night which meant his mommies also had a really hard night.  He had a difficult time falling asleep on his own and when we helped him (pacifier, patting, shushing, etc) he'd fall asleep and then wake up screaming within five minutes. We took turns soothing him and you'd swear he was asleep for good and then bam! He'd be crying again. This made for a long night and some crabby sleep-deprived mamas. 

Somewhere around 4 or 5am I went out to the couch on hopes that if I slept better out there for an hour or so I'd be able to function in the morning and let Michelle sleep. Only problem was I didn't sleep well at all on the couch.  Michelle eventually brought Isaiah into bed with her and then he finally slept. But we're still a little nervous about having babies in the bed so we don't sleep as well then. So we both slept a little but not well for the 5-7a.m. stretch.  My dad got up and took over baby soothing duty after the 7am feeding so we both got to sleep then for a bit, thankfully.

This afternoon we got everyone dressed in cute outfits and we got dressed in "real clothes."  Michelle and I have done this "fake it til you make it" strategy before when we didn't get enough sleep, usually taking a nice hot shower and wearing nicer clothes than usual to work to try to trick our bodies into thinking we feel great, so we thought we'd extend it to the babies today. :) They all got changed into cute new Bummis diaper covers today too, as you can see in the pics below!  After we all got dressed we went for a 15 minute walk outside showing my parents around the property a bit.  That was our big event for today and it was nice to at least pretend for a bit that we weren't running on fumes.

It's 7:30 and Michelle and I are in bed to rest a bit before feeding babies somewhere around 8 or 8:30.  I know I should be tired but I'm not, so lucky for you that means another blog post with adorable baby photos! Here's hoping everyone has a better night tonight!!  I guess I should at least close my eyes for a bit!

            My favorite pic of the day

      You'd think they hadn't just eaten!!

            Our cute outfits for today 

    Getting sleepy!!! Let's hope this sleepiness continues tonight!!!


  1. Their "going out" clothes are very cute:) I'm sure their mamas looked every bit as cute. Here's to better sleep tonight!

  2. Did Ellie manage to not spit up on that outfit ?

  3. Love all the pictures and blogs. Those outfits are almost as cute as the babies!


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