Friday, October 4, 2013

Morning baby care

No pics of Ellie from this morning but don't think she was left out because after I fed Isaiah and Avery at 8am I spent an hour and a half doing kangaroo care with little miss Ellie.  I need to catch a picture of Ellie's "wild thing" hair.  It sticks out all over the place and is super cute!  At rounds this morning the docs said they are all doing well.  They are going to try gradually decreasing the amount of oxygen that Ellie is getting today.  Dr. Hayes, the neonatologist said that he expects we'll see dramatic improvement by Sunday.  We have both met with lactation consultants and they all say they're doing just fine with everything, given that they are just 34 weekers and things will get more consistent over time.

Michelle had a rough late night/early evening with pain. She felt pretty good through the 2a.m. feeding but was in a lot of pain by the 5a.m. one.  So she's now on some better pain meds and feeling much better!  She took a shower and is wearing her own clothes and looks a lot more like herself.  She still has an annoying rash on her belly and it seems like it might be spreading so may get a dermatologist consult to check it out if the benadryl doesn't take care of it.  

Michelle testing her skills with an incubator diaper change for Miss Avery

Isaiah put Michelle to the test peeing ALL over the place

Avery snuggles after eating

Happy full belly Avery
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  1. Michelle looks wonderful. I'll have what she's having!! You both look amazingly happy. The babies are gorgeous. Wait til they hit 38 weeks. You will think they are chubby! Love all the pics...keep 'em coming!!


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