Saturday, October 5, 2013

good morning for the babes

I don't have time to write much because our "get ready to feed" alarm just went off, but wanted to post some new pics and let you know that the babies are doing well.  Mr. Isaiah has graduated from the level III NICU to the level II/special care nursery.  The only downside to that is that he is now farther from his sisters.  They are increasing his feeds faster and if his IV falls out they will just leave it out saving him form the torture of finding a new IV site.  Hooray!  Same great news for Avery.  Feeds are going up every 6 hours and she is also technically cleared for level II, but hasn't been moved yet.  Ellie's also doing well and is going down to one liter of O2 and if she stays stable on that, then she will graduate to room air tonight!  If she then stays stable on room air for a few hours she will get to practice breastfeeding too!  Ellie's bilirubin levels were up so she is in her own personal tanning bed now. What she really needs is just a couple big poops to clear it out of her system.  So now Ellie needs good breathing and pooping energy her way.  The other two really just need to keep practicing breastfeeding, and Avery still needs work on regulating her temperature, but that's not surprising since she's the smallest.  Okay, off to the NICU for more breastfeeding practice and baby snuggles!!!
Ellie's personal tanning bed

check out my new shades!

milk drunk Avery

Snuggly little guy who was WAY to lazy/tired to eat, but happy to cuddle



  1. We are so glad to hear of some improvements this morning! Sending love, prayers, and good energy to all.

  2. So happy to hear improvements are coming your way!! We will send good vibes out for everyone!!!

  3. If anybody knows how to send "Just poop!" Vibes it would be me! I'll get started.


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