Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Headed in the right direction!

We had our second pediatrician visit today to check everyone's weight again.  At our last visit Ellie was still losing weight, which is not good, so we were hoping to see her gaining weight today.  I told her to think heavy thoughts on the scale!  Here are their current stats

               birthweight         weight Friday          weight today
Isaiah:     5lbs 14oz             5lbs 6oz                  5lbs 7.8oz
Avery:     4lbs 12oz             4lbs 8oz                  4lbs 10.6oz
Ellie:       5lbs 2oz                4lbs 9.5oz             4lbs 13.8oz

So we have three gainers today.  Granted, it's not a lot, and they have a ways to go, but at least we're headed in the right direction!  The pediatrician thinks we might be able to stop supplementing within the next couple of weeks.  She said she felt like miss Ellie had a little more pep in her step today which is a good thing.  We've noticed she's less sleepy too, which is great (and sometimes annoying!!)  =). Ironically, it was the doctor appointment that threw off our whole feeding schedule today, resulting in less than stellar eating today. Trying to get back on track tonight. And just finished a really good and fast feed so fingers crosses for some sleepy babies and more than an hour of sleep for moms!

  You may be noticing that we have a LOT of pictures with this saw background. That's because our "boppy lounger" is the 'on deck' spot or where babies go when they're in a holding pattern between eating and getting changed!  :). Thanks Denise & Jess!  This is clutch since they're still too small to be in a regular boppy.

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  1. I think this lounger is all Denise :) aka my momma.


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