Monday, October 14, 2013

So much trash!!

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but we've been planning to use cloth diapers with our little trio. Yeah, yeah, we've already been told we're crazy, but we're doing it anyway! We decided that for our first few days home we would just use disposables and then slowly make the transition to cloth diapers. Our experiences with disposables the first few days made us want to speed up the transition. We went through sooooo many diapers that we filled our little trash can every day!! It was grossing us out to think about how much trash our tiny humans were creating every day. So yesterday Michelle set a goal for us to do one diaper change in cloth to test it out.  Well our test run went so well that we just kept going and made the switch over to cloth completely. We'll still use disposables sometimes when we're out and if/when we actually travel, but I think at home we're officially cloth diaper converts. 

The smallest covers are still a little big but they seem to be doing the job. The cloth diapers do make their tiny little bums a lot bigger, but they're also kind of cute! :) Check out these cuties...


  1. Those bummies look cute enough to be pants!

  2. I noticed yesterday in a pic that they were sporting the cloth! I didn't start trying until a month went by! You girls rock!


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