Thursday, October 3, 2013

Officially one day old--a few afternoon pics

Here are a few pics from this afternoon's visits.  Super quick update because we need to get back there for 8p.m. feeding time.  But Isaiah continues to do well with breastfeeding, though so far he's been a sleepy dude whenever Michelle picks him up to nurse.  But he ate for 30 min for me today and the lactation consultant said everything looked perfect.  If he keeps this up tonight (meaning we need to be there to breastfeed him every three hours through the night), then he will be off IV fluids by tomorrow which would be great.  Avery has been rocking this room air thing and is now wearing clothes in her incubator and they will gradually start turning the temp down in there over the next couple of days to see if she can keep her temp up.  Looks like we have the green light to try breastfeeding her tomorrow and today she was moving her little mouth in anticipation. =)  Miss Ellie is having a harder day.  They've had to up the oxygen she's getting for her to maintain her O2 saturation levels where we want them to be.  If they have to raise it much more then they will switch her to CPAP.  Waiting for more info from the docs, but looks like some mild lung disease for Ellie, while for Avery it was just a slow transition from this whole being born thing.  So that's a bit of a bummer but we've been trying to get her lots of kangaroo time, which by the way, means skin to skin time.  This can help the babies regulate their breathing and temperature and I LOVE it!  Nothing better than those skin to skin snuggles.  Ellie has some wild hair that seems to stick up in a zillion directions which is pretty adorable of course!  Anyway, almost time to head back there, but wanted to give you a quick update and a few pics to tide you over.

Avery "Yo! what's up?!"

Isaiah "um, hey, where'd that green paci thing go??"

Kangaroo time with little miss Ellie
She showed off her strong neck muscles pushing off my chest a few times
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