Thursday, October 3, 2013

A little 5a.m. drama to keep things interesting...

Don't worry!  The babies are all fine!  Got up for 5am pumping session and I was going to pop over to the NICU to try feeding Isaiah again, but Michelle needed to pee first.  So I helped her up out of bed, which is a slow painful process, and walked her to the bathroom.  A step or two from the bathroom I told her I was feeling a little funny and needed her to walk by herself...because I felt like I might pass out.  Apparently within a second of two of saying that, I passed out and crumpled like a rag doll against the wall. Poor Michelle was obviously scared and wanted to get help but had to slowly walk around the corner to the wall phone to call for help.  By the time she did I woke up (taking a minute to figure out why I was on the floor) and had gotten up and back out to the bed.  A whole crew of nurses came in to make sure I was okay.  They said I was pretty pale and went and got me some OJ.  I drank a lot of juice and ate some food and felt better within like 10 minutes.  Bummer about all of that, besides scaring Michelle, was that I missed my chance to go feed Isaiah again.  Oh well, there will be plenty of other opportunities.  Michelle and I both slept a little longer and then got up and went for a quick visit to the NICU to check in on the kiddos. No major changes, but little miss Ellie continues to have some trouble breathing so she just got put on high flow oxygen this morning.  It was heart breaking to watch because they had to put an orogastric tube (from her mouth to her belly) in to get the air our of her tummy that happens with the high flow and she HATED that tube.  She tried to pull it out with her hand and was dry heaving/gagging over and over.  Sucking sometimes helps with that so the nurse let her suck on her finger for a bit then switched to my finger.  Poor thing, she'd get it together and then she'd start gagging again. =(  Here are pictures of their footprints...more pics later today. 

Ellie's footprints

Avery's footprints

Isaiah's footprints
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  1. I'm confused maybe! In your introducing post baby Avery is wearing the mask. Is baby Ellie having trouble breathing too? I'm glad you didn't konk your head!

  2. Caregivers (Mari) need to take care of themselves, too!! Scold, scold. I'm sure Michelle was terrified and feeling just a little helpless. Glad it all turned out okay. I used to be a social worker for the NICU in San Jose. Love those tiny babies. Gagging and dry heaving are good. Crying is even better!! You have some fighters!!!!

  3. Avery is on CPAP and Ellie can breath but she had to work really hard, so they are giving her some oxygen too make it easier on her.

    As a side note: Mari, that was supposed to happen during delivery, not the next day! :)


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