Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Off we go to Danville

Unfortunately, although the contractions have settled, there have been some changes in the cervix so they are transferring us down to Danville in case she is actually going into labor. Michelle is still starving and annoyed with all the monitors. She is also pretty upset and scared about the c-section. We both know that the babies will be fine, but this wasn't the plan and Michelle, being the Virgo that she is, really doesn't like it when plans change.  The babies are all looking great on the monitors so that is good. 

Michelle will have to go via ambulance and I'll have to drive myself. I'm going stop at home to pick up a couple things we forgot and drop off the rented wheelchair on my way so we don't have to deal with tht later. Going to call in some favors to get dogfood and return a library book that is accruing fines every day!

Will post again from Danville... Send good positive energy our way...

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