Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dinner for two...

As of the 8pm feeding both Isaiah and Avery are giving breastfeeding a shot.  Isaiah was being a sleepy boy so he didn't eat as much as last time, plus he got the hiccups part way through and that threw him for a bit of a loop.  Avery did great for her first time.  The girls nurse tonight, Terri, was great and helped Michelle give Avery her first shot at it and when they switched to the second side she sucked away.  Both kiddos are getting extra milk via an N-G (naso-gastric) tube to help fill their little tummies up since they aren't going to get enough right now.  This is new for Isaiah, but it's to help wean him from the IV fluids so it's good.  And he's been kind of inconsistent, sometimes awesome, sometimes too sleepy, so it's good to know he'll be getting the milk no matter what.  Ellie is doing well in her incubator right now and they've been able to decrease her oxygen a teeny bit.  We caught the docs at evening rounds and they said she probably has respiratory distress syndrome.  They expect that her breathing may get a little worse before it gets better, with things usually peaking around day 3 but then improving by day 5.  So, CPAP still looms in her future, but I was encouraged to hear that it will likely only be for a short time and that this does tend to improve fairly quickly, though, of course, there are no guarantees.  Her weight is down a bit to 2232 grams (~4lbs 14oz) which is to be expected.

Here are some pics for you plus one quick video of Avery after her first time breastfeeding.  Auntie Tracy made a specific request for videos so here's one for now.
Ellie snug as a bug in her incubator

Ellie's "condo"

Avery snuggles

tail end of a dream smile


  1. Good call - I am glad Tracy's taking over my role as demanding one :) LOL

    I did thoroughly enjoy the video. I CAN'T wait to see Avery in person :) :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us! It has been wonderful to follow Michelle's progress and the birthday celebrations!! Much love to all.


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