Sunday, October 6, 2013

More pics & good news

Here's another batch of cuteness for all of you!! Do you think you can tell who is who if I don't label the pics?!?  Maybe I'll post this now without and add them later and update the post so you can test yourself if you want to. :). I now feel 99.9% sure that if you played the Mexican hat game baby style we would be able to correctly identify all our babies, which we wouldn't have said a couple days ago. :)

More good news on the baby front. Avery is now next to her brother in the special care nursery and is hopefully graduating to an open crib soon. When she was moved her incubator wasn't plugged in for a little while and she held her temperature up just fine so that is promising.  Ellie's bilirubin level is down some, but they want to keep her under the lights for one more day.  But she is doing well off oxygen so that is great and means she is headed to the special care nursery today too!  All of them are also all done with IVs which is awesome. 

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  1. Isaiah is so big compared to Avery. And Ellie does have wild hair! So happy the I,v,s are gone. That is a lot of progress in a few short days. Hope you both got some sleep. Pretty soon you will be headed for home. Love the posts and pics!


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