Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting to know each other

Wow! Our babies are two weeks old already! That seems crazy to us. And we've been home together for almost a week.  Since we've been home we feel like we're better able to get to know each of them. 

Isaiah has the best comedic timing of any baby ever. He somehow manages one of his cute random smiles at just the right time all the time. We say sarcastic or silly things and look over and he's got a goofy grin as though he's in on the joke.  He makes a lot of silly faces!  He's also the noisiest one, making lots of grunting sounds.  Sometimes his cry sounds like a bleating goat or squealing pig.

Avery, formerly known as ninja baby for her non stop moving in uterine, has actually been fairly chill so far. She can let out quite the squeal/wail as she's falling asleep and sometimes I have to wonder if Isaiah snuck out of his swaddle and pinched her!  Avery makes some great waking up faces and puts her hands on her face a lot.  Her new nickname might be Houdini baby because she 's the best at getting her hands out of her swaddle despite our best efforts!

Ellie, with her wild hair do, is our lanky and a little more floppy baby. She also has strong opinions about which seat she wants at the breastaurant and reminds me of a flopping fish as she very dramatically gets herself from upright on our chests into nursing position on one side or the other.  Ellie is usually the most easy going about going to sleep, rarely crying out. She often has long (ie 10-20 minutes of quiet alert time after eating, where her eyes are wide open, just checking everything out.  Ellie also has the longest, but strongest neck and will work hard to lift her head up during tummy time. 

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