Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Big day!!! All together finally!

Hooray for today!!!  Last night might have been tough for me, but today makes it all seem worth it.  I had a nice snooze at the Ronald McDonald house (RMH) while Michelle and Denise teamed up for the 5 and 8 a.m. shifts.  When I got back from the RMH Ellie and I took this first pic together because I had just gotten out of the shower and I've been telling her that she and I will be hair buddies. =)

              fluffy wild hair buddies

At rounds this morning Isaiah was officially given his walking papers!  This means that all three babies can be in the demo room with us at the same time because only two are officially patients and need to be monitored!  It feels so much better to have everyone in the same place! Ellie and Avery are both in "big girls beds" and on their own for feeding, which means no more n-g tubes!!!  I guess Ellie knew what she was doing when she pulled hers out last night!  And Avery's bili levels are way down, which we "knew" because we felt/saw her energy coming back with nursing. So they're both off n-g and pulse ox, which means one less thing to trigger the monitor alarms!

together again!

No more monitors for this guy!  All wrapped up in one of our blankets

caught an amazing Avery dream smile!!

snoozin' Ellie sans any tubing!!!

buddies =)

love this one in black & white

"Yeah, yeah!  I can hear that!" Ellie passing her hearing screening

Isaiah practicing his playgirl pose dozing on mama
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  1. OMG I love the pics and can't wait to hold them!

  2. THIS IS SO AWESOME! Love you all! xoxoxo, Gina

  3. How wonderful, wonderful to have the three together in the same place! These are some really, really cute photos.

  4. That picture of Isaiah in his playgirl pose is absolutely fantastic:) Yay for all three being off-tube and ready to go!


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