Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This blog post brought to you by Siri!

Okay bear with me on any typos and odd words, because I am dictating this while I drive!  Michelle just texted me that they were getting off the highway in Danville at about 345 so they should be at the hospital by four. I'm hoping to be the hospital by 415 or 4:30.  I hate driving this by myself and not being with Michelle right now! I'm so annoyed with us that we didn't just go to Danville this morning. It would've been so much easier and less dramatic! And I feel bad because Michelle is missing out on some beautiful scenery because some of the trees are starting to change. Not all of them but some and it's a beautiful fall day.  

So I have a quick funny story I wanted to share with you all. On our drive to the hospital this morning, I told Michelle maybe we should've been more careful with what we said because we kept saying We just want to make it to October. We just want to make it to October."  And here it is October 1 and look what's happening.  And then I got an email back from a friend who had twins this summer. And in it she said "When my kids came on July 1, many, many people felt compelled to remind me that I had often said, "We just need to get to July. Anytime in July will work."  I remember hearing a similar refrain from you and I'm smiling. Already, you are such good mommies communicating so clearly with your kids!"  Is that funny or what?!

Hopefully Siri didn't okay job of translating this blog post! If not hopefully you can figure out what I'm trying to say. I'll update you all again when I get to the hospital and figure out what's going on!


  1. Siri did fine :) You MADE IT TO OCTOBER !!! Good job Mommies! No matter what happens today you are already awesome. :)

  2. Good job getting there safely! I'm pulling for one more day for an even 34 weeks! xoxo to all of you!


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