Thursday, October 10, 2013

First night at home

After an excruciatingly long drive home from the hospital, thanks to I-80 being closed sending us on a LONG detour, we were welcomed home by Hope, this cute sign Denise made, and a gorgeous sunset!  Our arrival was pretty hectic because we'd missed a feeding thanks to the traffic/detour and had three babies who desperately needed to eat plus a ton of stuff to carry in. Then there was a frantic search through the zillion bags to find the breast shields that Michelle needs to nurse.  It was a little nutty but for the most part we did a good job maintaining a sense of humor through it all.  I forgot to mention that on the drive home we stopped in a parking lot to try to feed the babies since they'd otherwise miss a feed, but no dice. At least for now, the car ride puts them to sleep, and they didn't wake up to eat. That was really okay and we were so thankful to not have three screaming babies as we slogged through the traffic!

Overall I would call last night a success.  The babies were a little fussier when we put them down after eating than at the hospital, but for the responded well to settling techniques. I think they just need some time to get used to this new place. Michelle and I teamed up for all feeds last night and each took one off this morning/afternoon to get some uninterrupted sleep. Denise continues to be a huge help, making sure the mommies are fed and are drinking enough and holding and shuttling babies back and forth.  Here are some cute pics from the night.

Bunk mates checkin' out their new digs
(in the pack-n-play in our room for now)
Post nursing snuggling while mama gets diaper changing stuff ready
I'm sad this one was cute are they??



  1. So happy to see all these pictures, that Denise and Hope are there to help, and that things went pretty well the first night home. Good for all of you! (I don't see any cute sign...but I sure see adorable little babies!)

  2. The babies are adorable! Keep taking good care of yourselves and each other!

  3. the babies are so cute :) congratulations on being home. eating and drinking constantly is a big thing with nursing. keep it up :) all my friends are rooting for you guys and a smooth transition!


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