Saturday, October 5, 2013

Afternoon highlights

Here are some pics from our afternoon in the NICU.  Michelle and I each "roo"-ed (ie did kangaroo care) with a baby as our own nap time.  Ellie was super comfy on my chest and I can feel how much easier it is for her to breath now so that is nice.  Michelle learned that when he's sleeping on his tummy Isaiah is a noisy guy, making little bleating goat sounds over and over.  After our rests Michelle and I both had record good feeding sessions, which was awesome!  If he has a good feed with me Isaiah is only getting half of his supplemental feed and even that was too much this afternoon and his belly couldn't hold it all.  Fortunately he didn't get me too bad with his little spit up!  Michelle had her best feeding session yet with Miss Avery and her milk is really starting to come in so that is great.  Gotta go...time for the 8pm feed!

loved the way she had her hands on her chest!

Mama helping Ellie keep her paci in her mouth

Mommies and Ellie

Our cute little bundle

Team effort to change Isaiah's clothes after he spit up all over them

tricky to get all the wires/tubes situated!

Success!!!  Isn't he precious?!  (note to time pull my shirt
down all the way before taking pictures!)  =)
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  1. Oh, Mari. This is just the tip of the iceberg with your shirt always being half undone. Before long, wearing a bra will be too much effort and you won't even realize you're answering the door with your boob hanging out :)

  2. I love all the updates!! They are all so adorable and doing well I see. As for the shirt yea that is only the beginning <3


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