Monday, October 21, 2013

To sleep or not to sleep

Today was really a good day overall. We may regret it tonight because our good day meant we didn't sleep as much during the day as we usually do.  It's a tough call sometimes whether to sleep or not.  Sometimes it feels worth it to break out of the routine a bit.  Today we left the bedroom more than usual and actually hung out in the living room for a couple of hours with the babies. The kiddos hung out on their activity gym from great grandma Stephen for the first time. They didn't much notice how cool it is, but some day they will! :)

It was such a beautiful fall day here in central PA! I couldn't stand the idea of spending the whole day inside so I convinced Michelle to sacrifice a little more sleep to take a short walk. We don't have a stroller that works for newborns (ours don't recline enough) so in order to make this happen we had to do a little more experimenting with baby wearing. It wasn't perfect, but it worked.
We did the twin cradle in the baby K-tan that we bought and did the newborn tummy to tummy carry in a ring sling. Both could use some fine tuning, but it was good enough for our 15 minute walk.

Unfortunately Michelle has been having a lot of mid back pain that is exacerbated when carrying babies so we couldn't go very far. This back pain seems to be more and more of a problem so we really need to find some relief for her.  Plan is to call our GP again tomorrow morning because his is a D.O.and will do some adjustments. She didn't get relief from her visit last week, but will try again and if still no luck then ask for a referral.  Her back hurts not only when she's carrying babies, but also when she's changing diapers, nursing (sometimes), and generally not laying down, so this is obviously something we need to get fixed ASAP.  She had some of this same pain during pregnancy, but not this bad and not this often.


  1. I had the same back pain after my c section! I couldn't get through a whole diaper change. It does improve. My doctor said it was because my core was still recovering and those muscles weren't helping my back at all. We got an actual changing table, that was much higher than the changing station attached to our pack n play we were previously using, it helped TREMENDOUSLY! Time made it feel better too. :)


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