Sunday, October 6, 2013

Practice run

So, Michelle was discharged from the hospital today, which added another little bit of chaos to the day.  Last night one of the nurses said we should see about staying in the "demo room," also called the "rooming in" room, with Avery and Isaiah tonight.  So this morning we asked about it and were told that it probably wasn't open, but they'd check.  Then at morning rounds I asked about it again and Dr. Hayes said he thought both rooms were full tonight.   So Michelle contacted the Ronald McDonald house, which is just across the parking lot from the hospital, to see if they had a room available for us.  They did so I packed us up and got ready to head over there after the 11am or 2pm feeding to check in.  But just as I was getting us ready, Michelle was finishing up Ellie's feed and they told her that we had gotten the room after all.  So we called the Ronald McDonald again and said, "just kidding, how about tomorrow?"  So hopefully they still have a room tomorrow.  The idea behind these demo rooms is to give families a sense of how it will be at home.  But, there's only room for two babies so it's only a two-thirds practice run tonight. =)  Below is a panoramic pic of the room, which makes it look bigger than it is!  It's a bit of a tight sqeeze, but it is kind of nice to be out of the melee of the NICU most of the time and only have two monitors to deal with.

I was around for afternoon rounds and got good reports for the most part.  Avery's bilirubin levels were up a bit so she now has a "wallaby" light blanket wrapped around her belly.  Avery and Isaiah are now on breast feeding only unless they have a poor feed, in which case they get a half supplement.  Ellie is over in the special care nursery, still under her lights, and getting better at breast feeding.  She's still getting a full supplement after each feed until she is more established.  Tonight we're going to try the twin breast feeding pillow with Isaiah & Avery...we'll see!

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  1. Yay to demo room!! How exciting!! Glad they gave you the bigger of the two rooms. If you are able to, stick your head in the other demo room and you will laugh.

  2. All three of them know that it's far to early to be awake for this next feed. Hand over the eyes, happily asleep and one eye propped open.
    Enjoy your almost-home like environment.


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