Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big brother is home!!

Humphrey is home!! Last year we met this amazing dog sitter, Lauren, who loves boxers and has a soft spot for Humphrey.  She offered to take him while we were in the hospital and kept him for a few days afterwards to let us get our feet under us at home.  Lauren is awesome and sent us these first two pics when she read the blog about the triple threat's arrival. =)

Humphrey had a great time at Lauren's and got to make a new friend, Athena, a boxer Lauren adopted a few weeks ago.  He was excited to get home though and went on a smelling spree checking out all the new smells.  His tail was wagging like crazy when he found the babies and sniffed each of them.  So far he has been so great and not even whining for attention, though I'm not sure that will continue!  I think he might have some trouble adjusting to the new routines, i.e., us waking up every couple hours at night.  We also added "puppy love" to our care calendar, knowing that we won't be able to give him as much quality attention right now.  So hopefully some of our friends will be able to swing by to take him for a walk or play fetch with his Frisbee or rugby ball in our yard.
meeting Ellie
brothers meeting for the first time

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  1. Aw, I knew Humphrey would rise to the occasion. He knows that if he treats them well now, he'll reap the benefits of THREE little buddies to play fetch with...once they're toddling around:) Kiss that cute boxer for me!


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