Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A behind the scenes look and sneak peek

After a lot of searching we selected J & A photography in Pleasant Gap to take the triple threat's photos.  He has a nice little studio and keeps it nice and cozy warm for naked babies.  We're at the photo shoot now and it is amazing!
Joel, the photographer sent an information packet ahead of time telling us what to expect and what to bring with us. He said to expect a lot of downtime because often a lot if time is spent trying to get the babies to fall asleep.  He also said to bring a lot of diapers and wipes and extra clothes for us because they spend a lot of time naked, and as you can imagine, that's risky business!!
We've now been here for just over half an hour and I can already tell it is worth the money. We haven't splurged on many things for these babies, getting most things used or handed down, so it's nice to feel good about it when you do!  Joel is amazing! He does such an incredible job handling the babies, posing them, and soothing them along the way! My dad called him the baby whisperer. And Michelle said we need to get him to come help at home!!  
I already can't wait to post the final photos here on the blog for all of you! They are going to be amazing and adorable.  It has been super cool to watch Joel pose the babies just so, getting great individual shots as well as group shots.  The group poses are incredible to watch; the way he gets one baby settled, then adds the second while trying to keep the first relaxed!  He said he's done photos with quite a few twins but we are his first triplets and watching him I could see how adding the third baby increased the difficulty exponentially!  Despite Joel's best efforts, the babies sometimes had other ideas as you can see from a few of the "process" pics and videos. These glimpses behind the scenes should help you truly appreciate the skill involved in getting the final shots.  Here's a quick video of one if the group shots!
Joel said we could expect the finished products in a couple weeks so stay tuned...
Where am I?!?

Joel posing babies

Another cute sneak peek

Grainy, but adorable

Babies in the star bunting from my dad


More cute baby bums
The big picture 

I think Rumparooz should use this as an advertisement!


  1. Agreed - You should get some $$ and so should Joel!

  2. Their little tushes are the cutest:) Can't believe how relaxed they all are. Well done, mamas!

  3. These are the cutest triplets ever!!


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