Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Getting hangry...

Michelle is getting pretty 'hangry', I.e., hungry and angry!  She has said more than once "get me outta here!"  She's stuck with ice chips for now until the doc comes back with more info and hopefully a plan. Obviously we hope that plan is just to send her home to rest, but we'll see. We've read about other triplet moms taking procardia at home to keep the contractions at bay, but who knows.  If we have to stay here much longer or take an ambulance ride to Danville we're going to have one cranky triplet mama on our hands!  And I really need to go to the car to grab the pump but don't want to miss the doctor's return.  

Check out our lovely "view" :)
               If only this was real!! :)


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  2. When Claude and I first met and his English wasn't as good as it is now, he would mix up "hungry" and "angry" because he couldn't quite get the "h" sound. So I never knew if he was hungry or angry, or angry because he was hungry! Love you!


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