Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's going to be an interesting night!

Well, I got kicked to the couch tonight!  Labor and delivery is super full so they had to give my bed to an actual patient. So we now have a new roommate. We were just heading to the NICU when we found out so had to do a quick reorganization and didn't actually meet the new roomie.  We just got back to the room and while Michelle grabbed a snack I went to go scout it out. I only had to open the door a crack to know that we had a problem!  The loudest, floor shaking snore hit me in the face the second I opened the door!  I might not come back to the room after the 2 a.m. feed if I don't sleep between now and then! I think I might sleep better in the kangaroo chairs in the NICU!!  We shall see!  The nurse just brought us earplugs so maybe that will dampen it enough to sleep...

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