Thursday, October 3, 2013

Late morning NICU visit

We got some nice snuggles in with all the babies this morning.  I did the 11am feed with this little man and he did great again.  He had his first big spit up all over both of us though.  Oh well, it happens.  He also had his first big poop and I got to change his diaper and get him all dressed in his big boy clothes (minus his arm with the IV!)  While I was doing that Michelle was having kangaroo time with Ellie because she continues to struggle with her breathing.  She's doing a little better on the high flow O2, but respirations are still a little high so she may still end up on CPAP.  Any good slow, deep breathing vibes you can send her would be much appreciated! I got a wonderful surprise when I came over to check on the girls after feeding Isaiah because little miss Avery was snuggled up with grandma and sans her "elephant trunk" CPAP!!!  So proud of her!  Both Avery and Ellie are in incubators now and Isaiah is trying out a big boy open bassinet where he has to maintain his own temperature.  I know that it is a good thing that the girls are in incubators now, but sometimes it's hard to remember that because they seem less accessible. 

Looks who's a big boy who gets to wear clothes and move to an open crib!!!
baby burrito

Isaiah's night nurse drew this sketch of him =)

All the babies together for a quick picture

Michelle feeding Ellie breastmilk through her O-G tube

Avery gettin comfy with grandma Denise

Denise feeding Avery
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  1. We have one of those sketches too! I can't remember the name of the nurse but she was super nice. We also LOVED nurse Lenore... she's an older lady with long gray hair. She was our favorite nurse. I just showed Milana all these pictures and told her, "Mari had three babies" and she said, "oh my gosh... touch it" and then had to point out all their hats... haha.

  2. hip hip hooray for happy surprises! and yay for big boy Isaiah! I am glad Avery gets some good snuggles and kisses without her elephant trunk for a bit :) I am thinking slow, calm breathing thoughts for Ellie but I know she'll be just fine! I love love love the picture of Michelle feeding sweet! Isaiah looks SO cuddly, I want to just love on that snuggly boy! go, mamas, go!

  3. Love these! Quick question - what is "kangaroo time"? Inquiring minds are curious...

  4. So very beautiful! Congratulations to everyone and prayers for their safe care.

  5. Love the three of you each holding a baby. You and Michelle have the BEST smiles!


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