Friday, October 4, 2013

48 hours old and still cute as can be

Nothing really new to report on.  I got to do the incubator diaper change and Denise and I changed Isaiah and he again managed to pee on his little outfit.  He was not a big fan of getting changed so he better knock that off.  I got two kangaroo sessions with Ellie today.  I feel like I'm monopolizing the pics in this post, but Michelle noticed we didn't have enough with me and the babies so that was on purpose! (that's because I'm always the one snapping the shots!)

Isaiah getting some Grandma snuggles to help him calm down
(he had to have his IV moved painful!)

Beautiful little Ellie holding onto my necklace for dear life

So happy and relaxed

Sitting in the kangaroo chair with Ellie

Congratulating Avery on a great feeding session

Mommies and Avery  (we need to get this with each of them &
a family pic soon!!!)
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  1. I just said out loud at the last photo , "aw wow, a family picture". Then I realized it was two babies short! Waiting for the entire family photo!!


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