Monday, September 30, 2013

Maybe 35 weeks is good enough...

I don't know if it is the size of the belly, the annoyingly itchy rash she's developed on the bottom half of her belly, sheer fatigue from carrying three babies for 33.5 weeks, or a combination of all three, but Michelle is done.  She is having such a hard time getting comfortable and adjusting positions is such a monumental task, that it's starting to feel kind of like a repeat of that terrible week of zero sleep.  Michelle has a giant pile of pillows next to her side of the bed and for months she has gone through 3-5 different pillow configurations throughout the night.  Well she's now hit a point where it seems like none of her tried and true positions are comfortable. And changing positions or rearranging the pillow puzzle takes a ton of effort.  She can only sleep on her sides (even with a wedge pillow her belly is just too heavy for her to be on her back) and half of the time when she lays on her right side now baby C is jamming up under her ribs and causing pain, so then it's back to her left side.  Add to that, the fact that she pees at least once an hour, and you aren't looking at much, if any, quality sleep.  Last night she hadn't slept at all when I got up to pump at 3am, but fortunately had fallen asleep by the time I got back into bed.  Tonight she gave up around 2:30 and ran a warm bath to see if that would help.  I'm hoping she's asleep when I get back in the room again, but I'm not holding my breath.

Every time she tries to change positions now it sounds so effortful and I wish I could just pick her up and do it for her, or better yet, just take the babies from her for these last couple of weeks!  When she rolls from one side to the other she literally has to lift and pull her belly with her hands.  And when her shorts get twisted in the process it's a real bummer because she can't just lift her hips and fix them anymore.  Tonight I could not only hear the effort, but could tell she was on the verge of tears.  I told her that it is completely fine with me if she wants to call Danville in the morning and see if they could move the C-section date up to October 9th, or exactly 35 weeks, instead of waiting until 36 weeks.  The OB in Danville told us that was a possibility when he was asking us when we wanted to schedule so I think it is definitely worth a serious day time discussion.  I just HATE seeing her so miserable and I feel confident that we have three strong and healthy babies in there.  I'm sure they would do fine if they were born tomorrow, but at 35 weeks there is a chance we could avoid the NICU and have what the call "take home" babies so it would be great if we could make it that far.  So we'll see...but I will bring it up with her again in the daylight and see what she says.  It might at least be worth a phone call and maybe a discussion with one of the MFM docs to at least weigh pros/cons. 

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