Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Babies!!! Almost 31 weeks ultrasound pics

Hooray for big babies!  At the last ultrasound our babies weighed in at 2lb 12oz (A) & 2lb 11oz (B&C) which put them at the 90th percentile for triplets and in the 60s/70s for singleton babies.  We didn't want to set too high of an expectation and be disappointed, so going into today we were hoping to hear that the babies were all 3lbs 8oz which would be just over the 50th percentile for triplets (but of course hoping they'd be more closer to 1700 grams (3lbs 12oz) & the 90th percentile).  So imagine our delight when the ultrasound tech finished measuring baby A and said he's estimated to be 4lbs 5oz already!!!  That puts him in the 85th percentile for singletons!  And the even better news is that the girls aren't far behind weighing in at 4lbs 1oz (baby B) and 4lbs 2oz (baby C)!  There's only a 6% difference between A & B which is incredible!  Anything less than a 20% difference is good.  All the doctors were impressed and just said, "Hey, whatever you're eating or doing, keep it up!  You've got some big babies in there!"  The girls are putting on about ounce a day and right now our little dude is gaining even more than that each day.  If these babies keep up this weight gain and make it to their scheduled C-section, they could each weigh almost 6 pounds!  I was only 5lbs 14oz when I was born and we could have three babies all about that size!!  It's incredible!  But even if they make their appearance earlier than that, at least they are over the 1500 gram "very low birthweight" marker, which bodes well for good outcomes.

Our appointment with the OB went well.  He was nice and talked a bit more about what to expect during the C-section.  He said he would plan to schedule our C-section for exactly 36 weeks, which would be October 16th.  So unless they insist, these babies will all be born the morning of October 16th!  As it turns out, the MFM docs are the ones who cover labor and delivery on Wednesdays so it will be one of them that does our C-section, which was comforting.  But of course, when they actually looked at the schedule, it is the only one of the four MFM docs we haven't met yet who will be doing the C-section!  So they scheduled our next ultrasound/visit with her so we can meet her ahead of time.  I've heard good things about this other doc, the only female MFM doc, so that is good. But it will still be nice to meet her next visit and have her be a familiar face when the day comes.  Our next visit is October 7th!  We will be doing weekly OB visits here in State College, but the MFM docs see no reason to do more frequent monitoring since we've had such an uncomplicated pregnancy, Michelle's blood pressure is perfect (120/70 today), and the babies are all growing well. 

So all good news today!  Michelle did joke in the ultrasound room though that if it wasn't for the fact that the MFM docs deliver on Wednesdays she would change the day because "Wednesdays child is full of woe" and we can't have three babies all full of woe! =)  Hopefully that is NOT the case!  Buddhists associate being born on a Wednesday with the color green (one of our favorite colors) and with the idea of receiving.  And astrologists say Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and people born on Wednesdays are good communicators. So, ya know, it'll be fine, right?! =)  Anyway, here are the stats and a few pictures from today.  They're getting pretty squishy in there so it's getting harder to get good pictures...sorry!

Baby A's stats today!  He's got a big noggin & a big belly & short legs!

Baby B is proportioned similar to A with the short upper leg compared to the rest of her!

Baby C's stats.  She's always had a bigger belly & smaller head.  Funny how they're different.

This picture shows all three sacs & some various bit of each baby...you'll just have to trust us on this one!

Baby C was the only one giving up a really good profile shot today!  She's kind of off on her own a
bit on Michelle's right side so she's the easiest to measure and get pictures of. 

It's a little hard to tell, but that bright white area in the middle/right is Baby A's face and right next to his
forehead is Baby C's foot!  She's not even born yet and already kicking her brother in the head!
This video clip shows Baby C practice breathing.  It's hard to tell unless you're an ultrasound pro, but just right of center athe bottom is her heart beating, and then there is a vertical darkish line near the center that sometimes moves and we think that's it but it was even hard for us to catch it in person! (and during this clip you hear the tech saying "she stopped," so we might have missed it! Like I said, you gotta be a pro!)  But I thought I might as well add it here anyway.


  1. I was 5lbs 11oz at birth, and seemed to have grown okay:) Congrats on the great news - and will definitely send you good thoughts for the next month until we get to see these little ones "in person." XOX

  2. What a wonderful report to get with these babies' weights, Michelle's blood pressure, measurements, and all. You're right, it is definitely getting harder to see what is what on the ultrasounds!

  3. I LOVE reading the blog, its just usually from my phone, so it never lets me comment. You guys are so lucky for such a "smooth" pregnancy...don't worry Michelle, I wasn't about to say "easy". Those kiddo's are so lucky, ya'll are gonna be great mamma's! I wish I could be there to help when they come, you know how much I LOVE babies! Keep up the hard work guys, especially you Michelle! I am still saying there is a Lock in there, I was only 5 lbs. when I was born... : )
    Big Jen

  4. Just curious as someone who has worked in the pregnancy and birth field for so long... Do they ever let a mama of triplets go past 36 weeks to at least "term" at 37? Do the risks get too great as the babies get bigger? Just curious!


    1. Bria -- I'm not 100% sure on all the rationale, BUT I think it's a combination of an individual patient thing (past medical history and all other things considered) and a Dr. preference thing. I know that at some point, the babies do just stop growing because they run out of space...whether that always happens by 36 weeks..not so sure!

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  6. That is great news they are doing so well. Michelle, you are a trooper. Hang in there! I'm still secretly hoping that these babies decide to come a little earlier than your C-section...say on Oct. 8th. :)


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