Saturday, September 14, 2013

Time flies when you're having fun!!! (said in the most sarcastic voice ever!)

Ugh, this stinks.  Seriously, really, truly, honest-to-goodness stinkiness here.  The contractions have not stopped and now Michelle is feeling them.  I think in a word, she is miserable.  They started her on magnesium sulfate, which is used to help protect the babies from brain hemorrhages if they're born before 32 weeks and may also help with the contractions.  They also gave her a medication orally called Indocin (sp?) that is supposed to help with the contractions.  So far, no dice as the contractions seem to be coming more often than when we got here.  In addition to the IV Michelle is hooked up to all four monitors which are not easy to get arranged.  The babies are little ninjas and they are moving around or hiding from the monitors.  So then the nurse has to come in and try to get them back on.  Once they are on, Michelle doesn't want to move, but then she gets uncomfortable not being able to move.  So then she moves and we start all over again with the heart beat hunt.  Ugh.  Because the magnesium sulfate is supposed to relax her muscles, she's no longer allowed to walk to the bathroom and has to wear leg cuffs to prevent blood clots.  She will have to pee in a bedpad or on a commode chair near the bed and if she can't do that they'll add a cath to the mix of things she's hooked up to. 

As I'm writing this Michelle is chatting on the phone with her good friend Laura and that seems to be helping distract her for a bit.  She wasn't sure she was up to chatting, but I'm glad she decided to call Laura back because I can see it taking her mind off of everything else for a few minutes.  But now the doc is back for a cervical check so I'll be back...

Okay, I'm back.  In the real world about an hour has passed, but that hour went really fast for those of you just reading this now.  I have a feeling that's how blogging is going to go fits and spurts.  So, since I've been gone...the doc came in and did another exam.  Good news is that her cervix hasn't changed.  Contractions are ongoing, but there's good news there too in that Michelle isn't feeling them as much now.  Based on the monitor readings it does seem like the contractions have at least settled a bit in intensity and the drugs are probably helping her not feel them.  Overall, she seems at least less miserable and her face is more relaxed, though I wouldn't go so far as to say she's comfortable.  So at this point we're onto the next round of "wait & see."  Best case scenario is that the contractions stop, they take her off the meds, the contractions stay away, and we get to go home on Monday.  Worst case scenario, the contractions don't stop, her cervix progresses (ie. she officially goes into labor), and they have to do a C-section.  Hopefully, the babies stay in until at least tomorrow afternoon because she got the last steroid booster early this afternoon and it has the most impact after 24 hours.  So let's all keep pulling for best case scenario and see how long we can keep these babies cooking.  They seem perfectly content so I don't think they are in a rush to get out, but Michelle's uterus is rebelling against that idea.  So we just need to talk her uterus down off the ledge...  In between monitor adjustments I've been trying to whisper sweet nothings to her uterus to see if I can help make that happen. =)

Thanks to everyone who is reading this blog and either commenting here or on helps to know that we have a lot of people pulling for the five of us!  So keep those comments, prayers, and positive vibes coming our way!

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  1. Shelly White Stay strong and more love your way!

    Ann Boschert Eggering Sending prayers!

    Kasha Roseta Baker Babies, stay in that glorious tummy! Xox to your mamas!

    Katie Bahner Lammers Hang in there, guys! The meds very often work.

    Tara Sweeney Sending positive energy and much love in your direction!

    Kate Béténé Thanks for the updates, Mari. Come on uterus - calm down. 47 cm isn't THAT big. I'm sure you can go to at least 50.

    Shawna Graves My heart is racing thinking of what you two are going through! (Make that what you 5 are going through!) If there was an amazing mama'd both get one! Praying now - fervently - that these 3 little ones are protected in every way. Love you guys!

    Jaime Daniels Krob I love the idea of whispering sweet nothings to talk the uterus off the ledge.... Hang in there mommas! We are sending good thoughts and restful vibes!

    Cindy Reynolds Sitarski Hang in there! Will be in our prayers tonight!

    Kathleen Scott Zdenek Darn irritable uterus!!! We're all pulling for more time in the oven and decreased discomfort for Michelle!!! Hugs to you guys!

    Nicole White Smith Sending lots of prayers your way! Come on uterus!

    Jen Whitaker While out to eat, when we get to the table and get our beer, I am going to make a toast to Michelle's uterus. Hang in there cuties!!

    Rachel Finger Ziegler Keep cooking kiddos! You know we are all anxious to meet you, but give some of us a bit more time to shop for you!! Love to you both. I mean... Love to all 5 of you!

    Stacey Meyer Praying here!! Stay tough Michelle & Mari, and stay put little ones!

    Brianne Bothell: Good luck, moms! Hang in there!!!


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