Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things that go bump in the night

Some pretty funny things have been happening at night around here that I thought I should fill you in on. The babies have been a little more forceful in their activity over the past few days or so. We're not at the point where we can just lay down and watch Michelle's belly ripple but there's no mistaking kicks now and sometimes you can just feel the shifting positions too. But they are most active at night (great! already off schedule!) so the other morning Michelle said "the babies were having a party last night!"  A party is what Michelle calls it when all three babies are noticeably active at the same time. I said next time they're having a party she needed to wake me up so I could be join the party! So the next night she woke me up (or so she claims!) and I rolled over and put my hand on her belly for all of about 30 seconds before falling back asleep. I had no memory of this at all in the morning!  Apparently, last night I slept right through my party invite and was completely unresponsive! Hopefully my amazing sleeping abilities will come in handy once these babies arrive and I'll be able to fall back asleep quickly after night time feedings.  About a week ago the induced lactation protocol called for adding one middle of the night pumping session. That hasn't been my favorite thing, but I guess it's good practice, right?!

Yesterday I had another mini-panic moment when I realized that if they are "average," our babies could be here in two and a half weeks, which seems crazy! I know that we pretty much have everything ready, but we still don't quite feel ready. I still have too many things to check off my pre-baby to do list, though admittedly, they are non-essential things.  Michelle is feeling pressure to finish her candidacy project before the babies too so that she can defend this first big project by December. She's been working hard, but these babies really suck the energy out of her, so her productive time window is fairly short each day. Hopefully she'll get a lot done over the next couple of days!  Okay, that's enough 3am rambling for one night. I'll wait to post in the morning to make sure this actually makes sense! :)

(Having just bumped into our living room chair, this title can now refer to both me and the babies!) 

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