Saturday, September 14, 2013

First (hopefully not THE) trip to the hospital

Just a quick update to keep everyone in the loop.  Yesterday evening Michelle had another bout of cramping so we called Geisinger again.  We called the local OB office, but the doc on call was in a C-section. while we waited for a call back, it got a little worse so we called Danville.  The person there recommended that she contact the local folks again and that she be evaluated again.  When we did talk to the local OB on call, he again said just to rest and drink fluids. But after another night of not sleeping and two more bouts of moderate menstrual-like cramping for about an hour each, we decided to call Danville again in the morning.  They recommended that we come in for monitoring again.  So rather than go to Mount Nittany and potentially get transferred via ambulance, we decided to just take our time getting ready and drive ourselves to Danville.  So we got some more things together including our list of last minute hospital packing, like pillows, snacks, etc., ate some breakfast, and I picked up a bit. Oh yeah, and we both realized that I hadn't gotten a haircut I desperately needed and Michelle was like "oh, no problem. I'll just do it quick before we go!"  So that was kind of hilarious, but it looks and feels so much better! :). Then we hopped in the car and headed here to Danville.

We got to Labor and Delivery and as so as we said, "we're having triplets and..." they said "oh, yeah, we've been expecting you!"  They walked us right back to one of the double rooms and said that since we are having triplets and will be using both monitoring machines, that we won't get a roommate, which is great.  The resident on call is very nice and said we would be here for a minimum of two to three hours for monitoring, but that they might want to keep her overnight just to be cautious.  They had to do a speculum exam which was very painful.  They said she's about 1cm dilated and 70% effaced.  The attending didn't seem too terribly concerned about her 1.4cm measurement from yesterday, saying that at 31.5 weeks with triplets, it could've been like that for a while.  They will check again in two hours to see if there are any changes.  She is all strapped up to monitor for contractions like yesterday but they're also monitoring each baby's heart rate so now she has four straps.  The attending said that given the whole picture (us living far from here, having had fibroids removed, etc) that he would prefer to be cautious and keep her here over night.  So I'm glad we packed to stay, just in case.

We've been here for almost three hours and Michelle is already sick of it and done with all the medical procedures! :( She is hooked up to the monitors, has an IV in to giver her fluids, and has gotten a second steroid shot (ouch!), a few tubes of blood taken, and had to give a urine sample.  Oy! What we have been told so far is that if her cervix is changing she will be given magnesium sulfate via the IV to help protect the babies from brain bleeds and hopefully stop the labor to keep them in there for a while longer.  They may give another drug to help stop the labor too, but did say that nothing has really been proven to stop labor once it is going.  If her cervix isn't changing we will likely go home tomorrow and this is just be the beginning of what the resident called a "frustrating road" of contractions and trying to know when to come back to the hospital, because she could have contractions off and on for a while.  No fun.  I think from this point on, our anxiety level is certainly going to be elevated no matter what happens...  Please feel free to send lots of "babies stay put" energy our way!

She is smiling in this picture, taken within the first half hour, but there have been plenty of tears too! But overall Michelle continues to be a trooper!
All hooked up with monitors

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  1. transferring some comments from Facebook so one day the babies will know how much support we all had...

    Jen Joyce I couldn't be more impressed with both of you. Triplets! Wow!!! I'm sorry it's tough and scary right now, but I'm also so excited for your family's happy future coming.

    Rebecca Welliver Lots of "babies stay in" thoughts heading your way!!!

    Katie Kirkpatrick Rohs I wish I could come be with you. Lots of love and peace for you both.

    April Yorke I'd just like to say, "Michelle, you are AMAZING!" Pretty sure I've never known another human being to carry 12 lbs worth of babies in her abdomen. So very, very, very proud of you!!! Let me know if you need anything. Seriously, Danville is NOT that far.

    Liz Peasley Reed Positive thoughts sent your way. Stay strong M&M.

    April Yorke Absolutely, let's just say... I have spent my share of time with babies (really a particular one) in the hospital. And... Take care of yourself, Mari. The patient usually gets taken care of well, but the person caring for the patient.... Not at all. This limbo period is nerve-wracking for all of us, and it looks like yours will likely be extended for a while. You have my support.

    Jen Thistle Sending good thoughts for babies and mommies!

    Nikki Kramer Anderson Thinking of you gals and the babes! Hoping you are home soon!

    Sarah Denney Buell Thoughts and prayers for all... Especially for the babies. Hang in there, on and to each other.

    Carrie Hoyt Babes, listen up... Stay where you are!! (I am saying that in my best authoritative voice... Though I've been told it's not very authoritative, so no promises!) xo times 5

    Jaime Daniels Krob Hang tight mommas - lots of staying put thoughts to those babes. Hang in there both of you!

    Jen Whitaker You guys are both troopers! Tell them if they don't cooperate they will have to answer to Big Jen : ) maybe if they put a few more monitors on, all that elastic will surely keep them in place!

    Sandy Erwin Keeping the 5 of you in my thoughts.

    Shelly White Blessings & a ton of love to you both!!

    Vanessa Smith Although we're sending you all our positive thoughts that everything goes smoothly & that the delivery's still a month away, just know that G and I are available if you need anything so please don't be shy. We've got guest rooms and we're about 1.5 hrs from Danville. We're keeping you in our thoughts here.

    Brandy Berkey Prebble Keeping you in our thoughts.

    Rose Baker Love you guys. Sending all my good thoughts and energy your way. Lots of prayers for everything to go well:)

    Amy Taylor-Haas Thinking of you both and those babies!

    Susan Healy Lots of fingers crossed from the Healy's!

    Liz Kirk Wow, this brings back memories - 31 weeks, mag sulfate, worrying about everyone, touching base with everyone, sitting together feeling sort of alone but that time punctuated frequently with folks checking... Planning for every outcome. It's a precious and stressful time and it's clear that you're both weathering this beautifully together. We're thinking all good and positive thoughts for you.

    Michelle Scooter Bostick Oh so stressful. The five of you are so loved. Stay put little ones and hang in there M & M!!!

    Amanda Ferguson-Cradler Thinking of you guys and hoping that Michelle has several more crazy huge weeks before the babies arrive! You are both doing such a great job of taking all this as it comes, gooooo M&M!!


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