Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sometimes it's the little things...

I just finished writing the big update with all the medical info and I guess I talked about how physically miserable Michelle has been, but this is tough for both of us emotionally too.  No matter how many books you read, people you talk to, or blogs you peruse, nothing can really prepare you for how emotionally trying it is to have a complicated pregnancy.  We have been so fortunate up until now that this pregnancy has been about as uncomplicated as a triplet pregnancy can be.  But now that we're in the complicated phase, it feels like the overall threshold for emotions is lowered.  A lot of the emotional stuff is closely tied to the physical though.  When Michelle physically feels miserable, she feels more down; when Michelle is hurting and down, I feel sad and helpless.  So we are thankful that she is feeling better now.  But it's funny how even when we're feeling better, little things can make your eyes start to leak. =)  Michelle read a nice comment on Facebook in response to one of my blog posts and started tearing up.  For me it was tonight when I went to the cafeteria.  It was pretty much deserted and I wandered around figuring out what to get Michelle for dinner (food service stops at 7 and we got the ok for her to eat at about 7:15) and see if there might be anything I could eat (gluten & cow dairy free) and felt like eating.  I got some pasta for Michelle, but was less than enthused about my option of salad and cold deli meats.  Anyway, I decided to just eat the little bit of kale salad I'd thrown in before we left this morning and call it good.  But as I was wandering I saw that they had candy and they even had peach rings, which is one of Michelle's favorite candies.  I was so excited to be able to get some for her as a special treat.  I put the bag under the dispenser and four peaches came out.  I tried and tried, but short of being the crazy person shaking and pounding on the machine, they just weren't coming.  This silly and stupid little failure almost brought me to tears.  I recovered, added some Swedish fish to the bag, and headed back to the room.

Shortly after I got back Michelle got up to use the bedside commode (no more walking to the bathroom allowed on the magnesium drip) and then just sat up on the edge of the bed for a bit.  We actually had like 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to just chat.  It was nice.  We talked about how we're both are still hoping to make it to 32 weeks with the babies still inside, but will take each day as a small victory.  We might be here the same amount of time either way because the earlier the babies come, the longer they'll be in the NICU and if the best case scenario doesn't happen, then we might be here keeping labor at bay until 34 or 35 weeks.  We're hoping for scenario number two if our "best case" doesn't happen.  We both have a feeling that the babies will be okay no matter what at this point, but the longer they stay in the better we'll feel.

Hopefully there will be no excitement tonight and maybe we'll both get a little sleep which will help us withstand this rollercoaster.  We've asked if they might be able to take the baby monitors off for the night and just put them back on if the contractions get worse; Still waiting on that answer...  On a positive note, the intensity and number of contractions does seem to be decreasing which is great news.  On a less great note, Michelle's had a few high blood pressure readings so now they are collecting all of her urine for the next 24 hours.  The resident didn't sound too concerned about the likelihood of pre-eclampsia, but with even two high readings in 6 hours they have to do the urine collection.  Hopefully that all comes back clear or that will change things once again, and not for the better.  So now we can start sending relaxing vibes to Michelle's uterus and circulatory system. =)

Here are a few pics...
Lots of "stuff" in this room!  You can see my blogging spot with the computer on it

My bed for the weekend.  Sooooo much better than sleeping on the couch in here!

24hr pee collection has to be on ice which I think is funny!


  1. Rae Therrien Oh, I hope you can, too.

    Jen Whitaker Hoping for some siesta time for all of you.. Including a certain uterus... Relax uterus, take a load off.

    Kat Henolson Thinking about you guys all day. Anna and I are on pins and needles. We're sending positive vibes in all regards. Big hugs.

    Mo Reed-McNally Thinking about you! Sending you warm thoughts and positive vibes.

    Kathleen Scott Zdenek Thanks for keeping us all posted! Can only imagine the singular focus & peaks & valleys of emotions. Hoping for the best case scenario for all!! Al needs sibling practice if we are ever going to be brave enough to march down this path again but her baby schedule is already full with walking right now so selfishly we opt for more time for your munchkins!!!.

    Liz Peasley Reed Clearly I've never had a triplet pregnancy but I know that the home stretch of any pregnancy is hard and very emotional. So thankful you ladies have each other to lean on. Hope you can get some rest but that is elusive with machines in your way and nurses in and out.

    Tara Sweeney We are sending relaxing thoughts in the direction of Michelle's uterus. love you. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Nikki Kramer Anderson You two are amazing and are gonna be pillars of strength for those 3 adorable souls whenever it is they arrive, but I hope you are chillin' right now and that you get to go home soon with those babies still baking. Sending courage and love from AZ!

    Jill Adams Hang in there you two (and you three too!). Get as much rest now as you can!! Sending good vibes for many more days and weeks of babies in the belly

    Alison Vargo Lutz I hope that you both got some rest. Sorry to hear about these last days of excitement, and I hope that things get boring again for a few weeks! It is so hard to worry about these little beings, especially when we are responsible for them, but are so powerless to help them sometimes! And tell Michelle that she is doing great! I whined a lot when I was in labor and hooked up to 2 monitors, so I can only imagine 4!

    Erika Martin Just reading all the blogs now as I wasn't on FB yesterday. Glad to hear that so far the babies are staying put. Hope you were both able to get some sleep! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop throughout the pregnancy. It's been great to follow along with you on your journey. I know it's tough right now but just remember that you're going to have 3 beautiful babies soon (hopefully not too soon)

    Gina Duclayan Hang in there! Thinking of you both. Xoxoxoxo


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