Monday, September 9, 2013

Assorted pictures from the last couple of weeks

Tomorrow is another long day of appointments in Danville so I will of course be blogging tomorrow night with new pics, latest weight estimates, etc.  But I have a handful of pictures I've been meaning to post to the blog so thought I'd do that tonight before all the excitement of tomorrow.  Tomorrow we start the day with an OB consult in Danville.  We're a little annoyed about this appointment because we didn't know it needed to happen until last week.  Our local OB group in State College is part of the same Geisinger system as the maternal fetal medicine (MFM) folks in Danville, which is nice because they share an electronic medical record.  But the compartmentalization or specialization within the system has sometimes been puzzling and other times just plain annoying.  This is one of the annoying times!  At our multidisciplinary meeting last month they told us we would schedule the C-section at our next OB visit at Grays Woods.  But when we tried to do that the OB seemed perplexed and said "let me check on that."  Well, as it turns out, since we'll be delivering in Danville, one of the Danville OBs will be doing the actual C-section so we need to see someone there to actually schedule that.  It's fine, really, but we're kind of annoyed that nobody told us this until now.  We could have been doing OB visits in Danville this whole time and getting to know the docs down there and then just doing the "extra" appointments up here in State College.  Then Michelle would have been more likely to know the person who is going to be cutting her open.  Prior to this, I guess we just assumed it would be an MFM doc doing the C-section, but I guess they never actually said that.  So anyway, it's not that big of a deal, just a little annoying.  We're excited to see the babies again, though I know Michelle has mixed feelings about ultrasounds now since they aren't always comfortable for her.  We're really hoping that the babies are all around 3 and a half pounds now and that everything is still looking good.

I told you how Michelle threatened to put herself on bedrest right?  Well, today as she was bemoaning how hard things are now, I described this pregnancy using the analogy of climbing a mountain.  It's fairly easy going, though a little rocky at the start, then it gets progressively steeper but you can see the summit so it isn't too bad for a while.  Now she's on the last steep ascent to the summit where it's very slow going.  Soon, but hopefully not too soon, we'll be trying not to tumble down the other side with our three babies!

Okay, this is supposed to be a picture post so here goes...
went to dinner at a new friend's house with this amazing pond & view on Labor Day

Just a few of Jorene's lovely sunflowers

we realized we don't have many pics of the two of us with Michelle's big belly!

THE BELLY!!!  This makes it look even bigger
because I took it from below, but still a cool shot
and Michelle looks great!  She's a trooper, smiling
for the picture even though it's been a tough weekend

another great pic of my lovely wife and our garden
(I like the way the light is streaming in!)

Tomato soup & sauce made from Annie & Jorene's tomatoes
Ready for the deep freezer!
quite possibly my favorite "triplet-y" gift so far!
we're not big on matching, but coordinating is different
and this is just hilarious!  Definitely taking a pic in these!

Mommies' and babies' hospital bags are packed!
(they've been in the car for a month now, but this weekend
we re-packed them and added a few missing items.  They're
all set now except for the last-minute things we can't pack ahead)



  1. Isn't Jorene's place so serene!! Glad to hear your munchkins are growing strong!

  2. Thanks for the "extra" pictures and the time it takes to post to this blog enjoyed by so many.

  3. Glad you liked the onesies! They were fun to make.


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