Wednesday, September 25, 2013

33 Weeks & Still Going Strong!

We did it! 33 weeks! Other than our one little blip on the radar that gave us a weekend away (in Danville), our three little ones seem pretty content where they are. Michelle continues to be a rockstar prego triplet mama. Sure, she has her bad days (or more accurately times of day) where she feels pretty miserable, but overall she is still doing great! She gets really tired very easily and has to drag herself out of bed after her naps each day, but she's still plugging away with school and going to class as often as she feels up to it. And I've been plugging away on our pre-baby to do list.
I feel like we are more ready and some days I find myself wishing these babies would just come out and meet us already! But then one second later I think "oh no, not yet!" We both wish we had another Danville appointment sooner than October 7th because we want to know how big they are and we aren't feeling patient! Tomorrow is another local OB appointment so we'll at least get a quick look at them when they do the ultrasound to get heart rates. But honestly, the ultrasound equipment here is so sub par compared to Danville that it's a little hard to see much! I can tell you for sure that they are getting bigger because we can see baby B move daily now, baby C jams up under Michelle's ribs more, and when baby A kicks her she winces! 
As you can see from the picture below, I've been stocking the freezer and figure I better quit now so there's room for the food our parents make for us when they're in town! We've gotten a couple of freezer meals from folks already which is awesome. We also wanted to thank people who have given us gas cards recently. We got one anonymous gift card in the mail the other day--if that was you, please let us know so we can thank you!
I don't feel like I have a whole lot to say today so I'll just let you see the progress! We've fnally given in to the demands for weekly belly pics.  (Big thanks to Kat who helped us rescue the text from this post so I didn't have to  recreate it!!)

32 wks
33 wks

birthday scarf!

Almost full freezer!


  1. You look beautiful, Michelle.

  2. Good job keeping them in there cooking - always the over-achievers, Mama Ms!


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