Sunday, September 15, 2013

Triple threat fan club

Wow!  We've had over 1,000 page views of our blog just this weekend and we're closing in on 15,000 total. This weekend it's been a nice distraction to read the comments on the blog and Facebook.  We really can't tell you how much it helps to know we have so many people pulling for our soon-to-be family of five. A handful of folks near and far have asked what they can do to help or what we still need for the babies.  The easiest thing you can do it keep us in your thoughts and just keep those prayers, positive energy, etc headed our way.  As far as "stuff" goes, we are really set.  As you know from reading the blog we are planners and had the nursery ready by about 26 weeks.  We have gotten enough clothes given to us that we shouldn't have to do laundry super often.  I am pretty sure we are totally set on clothes until at least this time next year!  I was trying to think about what would be a help to us now and in our first few months home and came up with a few ideas.

 Like I said, we don't need anything, but things that would be helpful when we get home would be having people come over to help with household chores like cleaning, mowing the lawn, helping with laundry (or gift certificates for a cleaning service!) or the usual, bringing meals that we can freeze or make fairly quickly.  My dietary issues make the latter much more complicated because I am sensitive to, and therefore minimize the amount of gluten and cow's milk dairy I eat (butter seems fine & goat milk/cheese is also fine).  So I know that is trickier.  Fortunately, we're moving into a good time of year for that because soup, chili, stew, etc are usually pretty easy to make GF & mostly dairy free.  Trader Joes gift cards would also help us stay nourished because they have some frozen meals that I can actually eat.  It would be hugely helpful to have some more easy meals in the first month or two. 

Speaking of meals, for local friends, if you are making a batch of chili or soup and wanted to share a single or 2-person portion of it with us, that is something I could bring to the hospital with me and heat up in the microwave in the "family pantry" across the hall from our room. The pantry is nicely stocked with crackers, cereal, drinks, frozen pasta meals, pudding, yogurt, etc--99% of which I can't eat.  But I can put a little food in there with our names on it in the community fridge and that seems to work okay.  So, if you are a local friend and would like to share your leftovers with me that would be awesome.  Feel free to email, text, or FB message me and we can figure out a plan.  The other thing I thought of that would be helpful during our stay in Danville is gas cards.  But like I said, really, just keep those positive vibes and prayers headed our way, along with random funny anecdotes, silly stories, goofy dances via FaceTime, or whatever you come up with. =)  Thanks again for all your support! I'm starting to doze off writing this post so I think it's time for a quick nap.  I will let you know when we know more!!  For now the babies are staying put (see how powerful your collective "stay put" energy was!!).

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